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Help Support Dana-Farber Marathon Challenge!

Dear Friends,

On April 15, 2019, once again we will be standing on the starting line of the 123rd Boston Marathon, along with over 30,000 other runners. We are honored to be part of the charity team running for Dana Farber Marathon Challenge. The challenge that awaits us in the 26.2 miles is nothing compared to the daily battle brought on by cancer-afflicted children and adults. Beyond the personal satisfaction that comes from accomplishing this difficult task, we are running this race for a more important reason: to raise money to fight cancer. We dedicate our run in honor of all our families, friends, and community members who are bravely fighting the effects of cancer and for all those who have lost the battle.

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Stretching – Joint Mobility

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Your range of motion is how far you can move a joint in different directions is determined by a few things: starting with the inner workings of the joints. Another determining factor of joint motion is how much tension are in the muscles surrounding the joint, which can be affected by by passive factors such as scarring your posture, or by active factors such as involuntary muscle spasms or purposeful muscle contractions.

Stretching exercises can help you  improve your range of motion. To understand how, it helps to know what joints, tendons, and ligaments do:

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Our 100th Boston Marathon Run

IMG_0833Welcome to our blog,

This is a photo of Susan and I running the 100 th year anniversary, Boston Marathon, April 15, 1996. It was an amazing day with record crowds and festivities. We finished in 4 hours feeling strong throughout the entire route. Helping us through the course were the supportive fans, especially the children with leukemia along the way thanking us for our support. We were part of the Dana Farber Charity team.

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